Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy Day

Today has been so divine and relaxing. I've dubbed it our "lazy day". It rained, the sky was grey.

First, C arrived home early this morning from Sydney. We slept in, then I went to the shops and bought apples. I baked a tea cake, which I have never done in my life before, purely because C was banging on about how much he loves them last week. I also did two loads of washing.

Apart from that, we pretty much spent the entirety of the day on the couch. We watched some tv shows together, then a movie with popcorn. Then I cooked dinner and we ate at the breakfast bar together, chatting.

It wasn't until after this, and we were back relaxing on the couch, that I realised that I hadn't even asked C if he wanted to do something today, go somewhere. I said this to him, and he said he didn't want to go anywhere anyway.

If it wasn't Saturday, I'd say it was the perfect lazy Saturday.


  1. I remember days like those...oh how I miss them!
    My husband is away on a 6 day bush walk at the moment and I'm missing him SO much! It's our 9th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks and he's never been away for this long before.



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