Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Big Move

My work recently moved to new digs. This was a big upheaval for the company, as they had been based near the airport for about a million years. For me though, it was a blessed relief.

Whilst my co-workers were whinging about having to use public transport (some for the first time in their working lives) to get to the new city office, I was thanking the gods that I never have to drive through rush hour traffic to get to my office again. Also, our old office was daggy, let’s face it. The place was falling apart at the seams. When I first got there, to my eyes it looked like a health and safety incident just waiting to happen.

The building was old, and had been used as passenger terminal way back when. The carpet had lumps in it, the roof had holes. The air con was always too hot or absolutely arctic. The pin boards had posters about 10 years old and the fire warden list had people on it that hadn’t worked there forever. Overall, it was pretty dingy, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of dust that got kicked up when we started packing up to move.

So this week we made the move to the Big City. We now have a refitted highrise office, with nice new everything and even better, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the trains and buses. But there are still a few things bugging me about our new office. I know, I know, I’m hard to please. But I’m worried – the ladies loo is very far from my desk. How much productivity time will I lose making the trek several times a day? And we’re not allowed bins at our desk. Where am I going to put my dirty tissues? Am I expected to get up and walk to the big general waste bin in the corner every time I blow my nose?

But to focus on the big positive: I get to read again. A blissful 45mins on the train means I can read, something I couldn’t do with my car commute. Hello, books. I missed you.

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