Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking Stock

I'm in a bit of a blogging rut at the moment. I am doing the wonderful Blog With Pip blogging course and it is being immensely helpful in not only teaching me things but giving me strategies on how to be motivated and creative. 

So here's a little summary of what else I've been up to lately. 

Making: A new blog! (Shh!)

Cooking: My usual repertoire of boring dinners

Drinking: Coke Zero for life

Reading: The Long Mars by Terry Prattchet and Stephen Baxter. It's the 3rd in a very good series, loving it. 

Watching: The Walking Dead now it's back on. Also reruns of Burn Notice and Death in Paradise every night. 

Wanting: A holiday at the beach

Looking: At pretty things in magazines, trying to collate some Xmas ideas

Playing: I don't listen to much music but when I do Taylor Swift is my main gal

Enjoying: The gorgeous Brisbane spring weather 

Liking: Jacarandas starting to bloom

Pondering: Ways to promote our new small business cheaply

Loving: Collective Renegade magazine. Where has this been for me the last few years? Wish I'd discovered sooner. 

Buying: A new iPhone. It's an investment in myself - I got the 6S Plus so it's basically a mini tablet that can make calls. I want to run my online empire from it!

Hoping: For some leave at Xmas so we can do some travelling

Disliking: People who don't help others out

What have you been up to lately? Anything cool that I need to get across?


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