Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sarah Suggests: May 2015 Edition

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. Why? Because there's so much on that's good. 

I'm trying to watch less "crap" (a fluid definition based purely on personal judgement!) and finding that shows I would have found dead boring when I was younger hold much more fascination. 

However, my suggestions today are based purely on entertainment value!  

The Following
Season 2 is now showing on both Foxtel and Free to Air I believe. A thriller/drama about a non-religious murder cult, Season 1 had more twists than a corkscrew and Kevin Bacon too. It can be quite gory, so if you're squeamish you may need to hide behind a pillow. 

This incredibly beautiful, bizarre, horrible and excellent drama has recently been shown on ABC. I've been very slowly working my way through it because it's one of those shows I can only digest one episode at a time. Set on a fictionalArctic  island, a series of grisly murders will keep you guessing. Michael Gambon is just one of a stellar ensemble cast that also includes Stanley Tucci, who automatically makes anything he's in 10 times better. This one is also quite gory and even has moments where it becomes almost horror. Five stars. 

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
Written by Tina Fey and possessing the catchiest theme song of the year, this comedy series is available on Netflix. About a girl who escapes a bunker where a cult leader has kept her & other women for years, our heroine has to learn about modern life. It's funnier than it sounds. I loved it. Ten hearts. 

The Soup
It's hard to describe this show. Basically it's a weekly half hour of television clips that host Joel McHale (of Community fame) makes fun of. It's been showing on E! forever and it has great guests and sometimes surprisingly cutting edge satire. TV that pokes fun at other TV - I'm a fan. 


So that's a few of the things I've been devoting my eyeballs to lately. What have you been watching?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Online versus Reality: a shopping dilemma

Do you remember the time before the internet? I do. It was a time when a good fundraiser in a country town was the "warehouse shopping trip". Essentially you booked a bus and charged people to drive them to Brisbane and take them to different shopping outlets. Because everyone was bored with their local small country town retailers, these trips were VERY popular. 

Now of course, if you want anything from any shop, as long as you're willing to pay for shipping it's only a click of the mouse away. So convenient!

I must admit however I don't love online shopping. I browse but never seem to buy, the insubstantiality of the item on the screen putting me off. Sure, I can judge whether it's going to fit by the measurements, but what will it look and feel like on? The model is no help, even the plus size ones are not my shape. And yes I can always return it - but the thought of going to the post office these days gives me hives. 

And so when I need clothes I go to the shops. I like to touch the fabric and put things on and twirl about. But even this gets tiresome after a while; endless items that aren't in my size or are too expensive and outfits that do that look awful - all this can get you down. And then there's the tiresome marching about between stores, endlessly tempted by window displays, distracted by other shiny objects and hassled by mall salespeople about Dead Sea Salt Scrubs. 

So I guess I don't really like shopping in real life either. Catch-22?

At least there's always op-shopping. 

What do you prefer when buying clothes, online or reality?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shower Thoughts

Every time I shave my legs, I'm reminded how lucky I am. Stay with me. 

Nothing gives one a sense of proper perspective about life than a piece of frippery. Those completely silly items that may or may not be functional, but have come into existence just to please the senses. 

For me, the silliness and complexity of modern society is represented by my razor with a scented handle. 

Yep, my leg razors smell nice. In fact, not only are the squishy handles scented, they come in three fragrances. Why? I guess so I can pretend I'm shaving in a beach hut in Bora Bora I guess. 

And every time I pick one up I marvel not only at a culture that has comes a scant few hundred years from indoor plumbing to this; but at just how privileged my life is. That I can afford not only disposable razors, but ones that are slightly more expensive because they smell nice. 

I once worked with a lady who had grown up in what was then Rhodesia. Now in her 50s, she told me that one of the things that amazed her most about Australia after fleeing a dictatorship were tissues. She'd never known of their existence. She couldn't get over the fact that we had these thin disposable pieces of paper to blow our noses on instead of a handkerchief. 

And so, whenever I'm in the shower shaving my legs, I ponder a life where not only do luxuries such as tissues and scented-handle razors exist, but the fact that I have such a nice life that I can afford them. 

I guess it's not always war, poverty and injustice that can help you put things in perspective. A careful examination of one's own life yields surprising insights. 

What makes you realise you're lucky?

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Nice to Be Appreciated

This week the multiple-national corporation I work for celebrated an "employee appreciation week". This involved gifts and food for days. 

Now, normally I am cynical about this sort of thing. My friend calls this kind of morale-boosting activity "fluff"; that glosses over actual work problems and distracts the masses. Classic Bread & Circuses, you might say. 

But honestly, this time I found myself just happy to be on the receiving end of some appreciation. A big lunch was catered, more than we all could possibly eat. We got corporate shirts (really nice ones too, not the usual flimsy tees). There were even cupcakes. And throughout the week, the message has been THANK-YOU. 

Thanks for all your hard work team, the company is saying. My department has been performing fairly badly lately, so it is a nice change from the usual YOU MUST DO BETTER which has been the theme song for the past few months. 

That said, if I eat any more cupcakes, I may explode. 

Do you get shown appreciation for the things you do? 


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