Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm currently in my second week of leave from work. Like most of my work "holidays", I'm not actually "going away" on holiday, just hanging out at home. I believe the trendy word is "Staycation".

Actually it is more what I told my new big boss - a "mental health break". I strongly believe that too much 9-5 Mon-Fri work takes a toll on me so I try to have at least a week off at least every 6 months. This time I took two because I had a lot of leave accumulated, and I had intended on visiting hubby in Townsville, but now he is home.

So what did I intend to do with my free time? Of course I wanted to be "productive", and "get stuff done". You know, all those things you never seem to have time to do when you're working full time? I wanted to declutter the house, work on my blog, take naps, do all the things I love to do (eat all the things I want to eat!).

Some of that has happened. I've op shopped, painted a bookcase and slept in a lot. I even scrapped a bit, making a card. The decluttering hasn't really happened but I have also had two wonderful nights away at the Gold Coast, one for a Hen's Night and again for a wedding.

Today I am sick. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and by last night I was fully blown ill. So I have been lolling about on the coach, trying to watch a ton of shows that are clogging up my Foxtel IQ (which I am always in trouble for!).

The rest of the week is open. I think I'm going to do more of the same - whatever I feel like. Just for a few days, until I have to go back to the work grind.

What do you do with your time off? Are you into the "Staycation"?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Save dollars with Op Shopping

I haven't had much of a chance to go op shopping lately, but yesterday I hit up four local shops on a mission to find some wedding outfit accessories. 

Although I wasn't successful in finding exactly what I wanted (note: op shopping is not great for this kind of thing) I did find some great bargain items. 

I thought I'd share with you because by my calculations, I saved at least $110 than if I had shopped retail!

The first item I bought is a red TS dress. I'm guessing it's part is the TS14+ range but the tag just says "TS". I usually do not like this label at all due to the tendency to have everything cut on the oblique but I tried this on and thought it was nice. TS14+ dresses retail for anywhere between $89-$200+, on sale for about $60. I got this for $6. Saving? I'm going to say ballpark $50 at least. 

The handbag is Basque, a label from Myer that I adore. I have a few pieces of their plus size label Basque Woman that I have picked up op shopping and they are always great quality. Their handbags retail for $89-119. On sale the smaller ones are about $59. I paid $10. It has a tiny, nearly invisible pink mark on the front. Saving? I'm going to say about $50. 

The gold chain is of mysterious provenance but it's pretty solid and heavy. I've seen similar in places like Colette or Lovisa retailing for $15-20. I paid $4. I reckon I saved at least $10. 

So by my calculations, I got a great versatile dress, cute bag and chunky chain for a song, saving approximately $110 overall. 

I'm really sorry about my dusty mirror!

Another op shopping win in my book. And I left behind an Olga Berg clutch!

Have you got any major bargains lately? 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sarbi the War Dog

Do you remember the story of Explosives Detection Dog Sarbi? In 2008 she was lost, presumed dead, during an action in Afghanistan. 

14 months later, an American noticed a dog following a citizen and tried some military commands. It was Sarbi! She has now been awarded the RSPCA Purple Cross for Bravery (the only other recipient is Simpson's donkey). 

On the weekend, we heard that Sarbi Park was going to be dedicated at Warner Lakes. A large part of the estate is made up of Defence Housing and a sculpture of Sarbi had been commissioned. 

We decided to go down and take a look. There were so many people! I think we were the only ones there without kids or a dog. Or both. 

Sarbi seemed pleased by her statue. She happily posed for pictures and got lots of pats. 

It was a really lovely morning. Great animal story for the local news too!


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