Monday, August 22, 2011

That's when neighbours become good friends

Everybody needs good neighbours, yes? Ours are pretty good. They keep their yard clean, haven’t undertaken messy renovations and play their music at a normal volume. But here’s the thing – I never speak to them. I’ve lived in our house 4 years now and the only reason I know their names is because C told me.

I’m just not an overly-friendly person I guess. Sure, I’ll wave if I see them pulling in the driveway, but it really highlights to me just how stand-offish I must be when C’s mother visits. She never fails to speak with either of the neighbours within a day of arriving. I don’t know what she does – sometimes I’m convinced she hollers over the back fence at them. But then again, this is a woman who is so chatty, she will tell supermarket cashiers and strangers she’s in line with her most personal stories.

A few days ago she asked me if our right-hand side neighbours had gone on their cruise yet. Not only could I not tell her if they were AWAY ON HOLIDAYS, I didn’t even know they were going on a cruise. Goes to show what a little bubble I live in.

But at the end of the day, I don’t talk to our neighbours because a) I’m always working b) when I am home I’m doing housework or chilling out, and c) I don’t really care about them. Sad to admit, but brutally honest. I don’t care what their dog’s name is, or when they are going on a cruise, or when their daughter is fighting with her boyfriend.

Are you friendly with your neighbours?

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  1. I am the same with our neighbours. I know what they look like and have had the occasional conversation, but nothing like my parents are with their neighbours. Sign of the times I think!!!



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