Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Stress


I do not like to hear people declare that they "thrive on stress". Because I used to be that kind of person, and believe me, it wasn't true. Perhaps when I believed it, waaaay back at the beginning of my working life, I didn't really know what it was. Perhaps.

Over the past two years I have learnt that I do not deal with stress very well. It makes me teary. Emotional. Not a good look in the workplace. I have come up with various strategies over time to combat it, including but not limited to:
- chocolate
- alcohol
- junk food
- smoking
- swearing
- crying in the toilets

Sadly, each of these are only short-term solutions (though I'm ashamed to admit I resorted to chocolate this afternoon). Long-term, I believe I have to build up something I like to call Mental Resilience. I borrow this term from the army - can't remember now where exactly I heard it, but I know Bear Grylls is always on about it. And if Bear thinks it's a good thing, then it's ok by me.

It's not about becoming hard. It's about being able to deal with things as they come at you without falling to pieces. No more blubbering mess.

Problem is, short of volunteering to go on a fitness boot camp, I have no idea how to toughen up. If I figure out how to get it, I'll let you know.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life, love and the damned heat

I keep thinking at random moments lately "oh, that would make a good blog post". And then I forget all about it. I also have this fixation now where I like to include a picture of some kind whenever I blog, which is silly because it's the words that matter, right? But I really like blogs that include personal photos, makes things more interesting. Gives you a little window into the blogger's life.

Life is pretty awesome right now. I said to my fiancée the other day (still getting used to that word) that things are really looking up for us. I had a great birthday party, and got lots of presents. We got engaged, and I get to wear the most beautiful ring on my finger every day. C finally got his truck repaired (mostly) after 3 years off the road. The weather has been pleasant enough (finally!) to swim. C's parents came to stay and spend some time, and much as they drive me around the twist, it is always great for C to spend time with his father (the only person in the world whose advice he will listen to!).

Next on the agenda is organising the engagement party, and after that... the wedding! Which is kinda freaking me out at the moment, but that's a whole 'nother post...


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