Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What makes Sarah, Sarah?

What makes me, me?

I am the girl who:

- feels the cold and has too many scarves

- wears glasses even though she could have contacts

- has frizzy, curly, thick hair which does not confirm or behave

- thought she would be single forever and was amazed to be proven wrong

- goes through obsessive phases; vintage china, scarves, dystopian fiction, Coke Zero, nail polish

- cannot keep her house clean and tidy, despite best efforts 

- has bad feet and will probably never wear pretty shoes again

- is finding grey hairs and is in denial about it

- still goes to the library and reads books every day

- used to go on holidays overseas by herself, and wonders where that fearlessness and thirst for adventure has gone

- cannot picture life without tv or Internet 

- loves cooking shows but cannot cook

- hates all things finance, yet works in accounts

- loves the simple things; sleep-ins, warm patches of sun on a cold day, two squares of chocolate, a hint of perfume in a crowd, the sound of the ocean

What makes you, you?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How I know winter is coming

Trying not to sound too much like Ned Stark here, but winter IS coming. You know how I know?

This morning, I was sent this, from up on the Darling Downs:

Yep. The first wood fire of the year up there. A bit nippy, I'm told. 

- my winter PJs are out of their storage box and have been washed in readiness

- I've worn a scarf

- I'm starting to covet ankle boots

- I now loathe the Artic temperatures of train airconditioning

- It's dark when I get home from work

- I'm drooling over soup and slow-cooker recipes

What do you love/hate most about the colder months?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Music love - Macklemore

I am digging on Macklemore at the moment. Totally loving both his tunes and the guy himself.


Well, first he made op shopping cool with "Thrift Shop". Not only was it goddamn catchy, but it contained such lyrical gems as "I wear your Grandad's clothes, I look incredible." The man does seem to love a good jacket too.

He's incredibly energetic onstage, leaping around like a goon and generally throwing his body about with great abandon. His raps are not only quick (something that I just adore), but you can actually understand him. Big tick.

Next, he brought the gay equality debate into the public consciousness with the gorgeous anthem "Same Love".

And now with his latest "Can't hold us" he's got me turning up this volume every time I hear it on the radio. And the music video features a party on sailing ship. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with all things nautical. Another tick in the box for me.

And he credits his producer, Ryan Lewis, as a co-artist on every single. Props.

What are you listening to right now?


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