Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astrology and all that hokum

I don’t believe in the supernatural. Much. I don’t believe in psychics, mediums or astrology. I've never held much regard for the occult in general, and I think this comes from a phase in my childhood when my cousins and I used to conduct ouija boards every day in an attempt to contact The Other Side. All we ever achieved was completely freaking each other out. I am, however, willing to keep an open mind about hauntings – although I spent three months living in a supposedly haunted house with my grandmother, and never saw a thing – experiences described to me by people close to me (and that I trust implicitly) have caused me to not write off the existence of ghosts and specters completely. The major factor in these accounts that persuades me that not all is as it seems is that these are people not given to flights of fancy. Recently on a whim, I started following a Capricorn-centric twitter account. I think it was retweeted by one of my fellow twitizens, and I thought “heck, that DOES sound like me”. And the more it tweets, the more I think that. It’s really eye-opening for me – I’m learning things about Capricorns that I have never heard before, and these character traits are describing me to a tee!


"Although very independent a #Capricorn still needs to feel wanted & appreciated."

"You will more than likely find a #Capricorn kicking back observing everything & everyone."

"#Capricorn likes to be connected with on an intellectual level, once you can do that we will slowly open up to you."

"Most #Capricorn's hate PDA."

"Stability is a #Capricorn's ultimate goal."

"A #Capricorn has good common sense & likes to surround ourselves with people who have the same."

"#Capricorn & chaos does not mix."

"#Capricorn prefers to work alone, we feel we get things done better depending on ourselves."

Maybe I should pay more attention to astrology, because some of these are uncanny. Do you read your stars every day? Or is it complete hokum, as Sheldon would say?

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