Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In praise of Slow Blogging

Below was my favourite tweet coming out of the Digital Parents blogging conference today. I saw it and went "Me too! Wait, there's a name for that?"

Because I'm sick of placing pressure on myself in an area of my life that I indulge in purely for my own pleasure. A few months ago I decided that I was going to stop feeling bad if I hadn't blogged for a while. I gave myself permission to blog only when I felt like it.

It was so liberating! Not worrying about constantly creating content and coming up with new ideas was great. It gives me time to ruminate, and as an added bonus, what makes it into my blog is only writing that I have felt I simply must share!

I guess this whole Slow Blogging thing isn't going to work if your blog is monetized, or you want it to be. But if you're like me, and are doing it purely for yourself - for those myriad inexplicable reasons that drive us to share - then I highly recommend it.

Like Slow Food, Slow Blogging may just catch on.


  1. I saw a similar tweet by @lisa_lintern and was surprised as I thought I was a slow blogger averaging 10 days between posts I suppose (never really checked lol) but like you, I was relieved to know that I could be comfortable with whatever I do! Have fun blogging!

  2. I love the freedom of blogging just for myself. I do vaguely have a schedule but I don't really stick to it!



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