Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things are happening

The Tender Centre - warehouse of second-hand dreams

Things are happening lately. Mostly wedding things, but it's strange to be busy. My normal days involve work, cooking dinner, tv, maybe internet, sleep. Then repeat. Weekends are for housework and rare visits to the shops or library. Though none of these busy things are worth individually blogging about (except some of the wedding stuff, keep an eye on Surely a Bride in the next few days), they are worth mentioning.

In the past few weeks I have:

- had to say goodbye via Twitter to my dear friend B, who went back to the UK after a month's visit to her native land

- been to my parents' farm twice

- attended a scrapbooking day (bliss! And I won first prize, a new album!)

- bought my wedding dress

- sorted out our final wedding guest list (ANGST)

- made and posted invitations

- shopped for and bought a suit for C

- gotten wholly addicted to the Song of Ice and Fire book series (again)

- been to the movies (The Muppets)

- won two tenders at Tender Centre (in Toowoomba, as I always get questions about where this marvellous, wonderful place is. I won a French market basket and a huge framed botanical print)


- bought "shapewear" for the first time in my life. I understand it is also known as Spanx or Nancy Ganz.

On that point - seriously, women wear this stuff frequently? I bought it to go under my wedding dress (to pull in my little tummy and avoid all those embarrassing "Oh is this a shotgun wedding?" remarks. Related: NO I'M NOT PREGNANT). And it is painful. What it does do is hold everything in, which is the point, but I'm not sure how I'm going to breathe in it. Hmm. I'm sure I'll adapt.

So what have you been up to? Do you wear shapewear?

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  1. Ah~ shapewear! A goddess amoung tight clinging dresses!

    I got my first set of shapewear from Saint Vicent De Paul, perfect condition, with all the tags, but the straps had come apart. All I did was sow it back together, and wowie! 2dollars!

    I suggest wearing the shape wear quite a bit, to get used to it. It takes a while to get what it seems to be a little bit comfortable. And ignore all those ignorant people! They are just jealous that you're the one getting married!

    Don't worry, you'll adapt!

    Oh, men look delicious in suits don't they? :D



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