Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postal Heart Attack

This afternoon I had a Postal Heart Attack.

You know it - you're standing over the bin, opening your mail (the best tip EVER, can't even remember where I read it! It was on one of your blogs, I'm sure) and merrily throwing ripped envelopes in when from one emerges a bill that makes you look twice, your eyes focus on the little line that says 'Amount Due'... and then...


This occasion saw me charging out the front door to where my beloved other half was attempting to fix my car and demand loudly and at length for all the neighbours to hear how the EFFING EFF we had managed to double our phone bill this month.

After that I had a little cry, C cheered me up by reminding me we always manage to sort these things out, I had a shower and then looked at the bill again when I felt stronger.

I urge you all to learn from my lesson - NEVER go over your mobile data cap, if you have one. The excess charges won't be pretty. They will be excessive. And there's nothing you can do about it, because they give you fair warning.



  1. Even when you know it's your own doing it can still sting like hell. So I'm sending you a big internet hug. *squish*. Damn phone companies.

  2. Ouch! That would sting a bit :( A friend of mine got caught with a massive bill after updating her facebook whilst over in the US on holiday...I'm sure it was over $5000...

    I'm sorry you've been stung so badly...Maybe ring them and just say you can only afford to pay off small amounts? They really should explain their plans much clearer if you ask me...Lots of people seem to be getting caught because of data browsing :o(



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