Friday, September 23, 2011

They're Everywhere

Yesterday one of my workmates laughed at me for using a paper towel to open the ladies’ bathroom door when exiting. I simply turned to her and asked if she was aware how many people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. She looked completely flabbergasted, like she had never even considered this. I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but I do have a thing about door handles. I just don’t like to touch them, unless they are in my own house! I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk at work because by the time I ride the train, go up in the lift and walk into my office my hands just feel GROSS when I think of everything I touched.

Seriously, isn’t this something everyone thinks about? I can only vouch for the number of ladies I see not washing their hands, but my partner tells me that men are worse. He reckons more than half of them don’t wash their hands after number 1s. Ugh. At our work, I have not only the bathroom door to negotiate but two additional doors to use to get back to my desk, one of which is requires a security card. You can see me, right? Paper towel grasped in one hand, the other groping for my pass card to swipe in my access. No wonder people think I’m mad.

That’s why I love shopping centres with walk-in bathrooms. For the ones that don’t, I often wonder why they don’t design the doors so that they swing OUT on exit, so you can push it with your clothed elbow or shoed foot. No need for grasping actual door handles to pull them inwards, thus touching the same surface with your bare hands that the person before you didn’t dry properly so it is slightly wet *shudder*

Strangely, I’m not such a Nazi about things like ATM keys (breeding grounds for bacteria according to Today Tonight), escalator rails, lift buttons or train poles. If I’m going to become a true germaphobe, clearly I am going to have to work on this. Maybe I could wear one of those surgical masks in winter to stop myself catching the flu from people coughing their airborne viruses on the train. Hmm.

Are you afraid of germs? Do you use sanitizer?


  1. no germ fear here, bring it on bugs, do your worst. No I'd rather you didn't do your worst, that can be pretty bad. I do go about in happy oblivion without enormous consequence, thank goodness they're invisible or the world would be a scary place..

  2. YES! I absolutely do the 'use-a-paper-towel-to-open-doors' trick & I try to use hand sanitizer as often as I can, too. Sarah, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

  3. I am such a grub, I am not really bothered by germs at all. I always wash my hands after going to the loo though, I man really, it's pretty basic. One guy at work doesn't and we all think it's hilarious/grosstacular and refuse to touch his desk. Because of him I've started using hand sanitiser more often because he touches his man-parts to pee! Ewwww!



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