Friday, September 30, 2011

The working week

I have been proud of myself lately for being more consistent with my blogging. The reason for more blog posts was that I had finally figured out a way to make use of work time when I have nothing to do more productive. As there is really no real work reporting or filing or graph-creating I can do (my normal fall-back when work is quiet) I have decided to use it for personal productivity. Thus, I have been drafting blog posts in between calls and taking payments, and also using the time to actually read some blogs as well.

I don’t feel guilty about this because, well, there is not much else that I could be doing, and in essence I would be sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs. However, my scheme was thrown into disarray this week due to the introduction of a trainee. Fortunately I’ve been able to share the training with my colleague, so the burden has been lighter, but as always for the first few days I have found it exhausting.

What is it about imparting knowledge that is so much more tiring than just talking? No wonder teachers are worn out all the time. I’ve trained a lot of people in my time in corporations, and although I enjoyed it at first (it appealed to my ego to be the “expert” in the room) I’m now totally over it.

This lassie made it a little easier this time by being bright, nice and experienced in accounts. All that was left to us to do was explain our company’s unique systems and “the way we do things here”. All in all it’s not been a total nightmare; however it has left me little time to write a blog. Really looking forward to the weekend, and doing something other than work!

How’s your week been?

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