Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho

When you start to tally up pros and cons in your head, it’s a pretty good indicator something is rotten in the State of Denmark. I’ve been mentally making lists in my head all week, in those boring moments between calls. And there have been a lot of those lately.

I’m talking about my “new” job. I’ve been here four months now and I’m pretty much over things. I find my daily role repetitive and boring, and I know this because I spend all my spare moments when I should be processing emails, surfing.

Today I had a Eureka moment – I’m not solving problems. I’m just a processor, a gateway. I put faxes into trays, forward emails to the right people and switch calls to different departments. There’s no challenge here, now that I’ve learnt all there is to know about the role. For sure, there’s a lot more to learn about the industry, but I have no scope for it where I am now. I have been wanting to speak with my team leader about this but have had no monthly review or one-on-one for over 2 months.

So here’s my list of positives and negatives, in the interest of trying to sort out this issue in my head.


- Pays more than Telstra. A lot more.

- A lot less stress. I still get yelled at by customers occasionally, but nowhere near as much and I have better authority to deal with it (ie. Actually allowed to terminate a call if the language is abusive).

- Pleasant staff, laidback manager

- Probably going to have enough leave accumulated for what I need for my wedding next year


- 1hr commute each way to the city

- workmate in same role, who I work very closely with, is incompetent, lackadaisical, disorganized and faintly annoying. Also has a tendency to make things up when speaking with customers. Her habit of using the word “wavier” instead of “waive” is driving me up the grammatical wall.

- Completely lack of ability of middle management to find their collective bums with directions and a torch. I guess this is typical of any corporation though. But seriously couldn’t organize a chook raffle in an RSL.

- Little to no Health & Safety accountability. This seems silly, but it worries me. They do no workstation ergonomic checks (leaving them open to legal action from employees with RSI, bad backs etc. caused by excessive keying/poor ergonomic setup of their desks). I have no idea who the fire wardens are, and since we moved to our new building, no one has conducted any sort of evacuation briefing. I know where the fire exit is as I can see it from my desk, but have no idea where our assembly point is. There’s not even a HS&E board anywhere that I could find out this information.

- Aforementioned boredom. There is a reason that I am reading blogger, my personal email and news sites all day, and its because my work is not engaging me. This is a problem because a bored worker is not a productive one, and it makes me feel guilty.

- Their processes are archaic and paper-heavy. There’s a lot of talk about green incentives around here but I don’t see it. I’ve never seen an office use so much paper. I’ve asked, but they are not willing to do any revision of existing processes that would involve electronic document storage.

- I was assured that there would be plenty of scope to move roles once I was employed here, but so far nothing has been offered to me. I will be bringing this up with my manager when we have that elusive one-on-one review.

Put out on paper like this, the cons seem like small things to put up with for a better paypacket. But I also want to put my personal happiness first. I think I’m in a bind about this because we are doing things a bit tough financially lately, and don’t want to leave a good-paying job to satisfy my selfish need to feel good about helping people and be more intellectually stimulated.

So what are the alternatives?

1. Ask my manager if I can move into a more complex role – there are some in the Centre, don’t know if I’d enjoy doing them though.

2. Look for other work – same or better pay, closer to home

3. Stick it out here until the wedding, then look around for something new

I'm going to have to think on it some more. Until then, how may I direct your call?

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  1. Dude, I'm going to say option 3. If it's paying you well, and you'll have the leave you need, stick it out. If you change jobs now you may not have the same pay, and you almost definately WON'T have the leave you need. I'm with you on the boredom though. Plus side is, I like my job.



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