Friday, May 9, 2014

The Silver Vixen

Logically, I know that hair goes grey. Well, technically white I guess. I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that mine is. 

Sure, since my 20s I've always had one or two stray greys. They were novelties. But lately they're increasing in number, so much so that sometimes in the sun I think my hair is getting an almost salt-and-pepper look. I catch sight of a white strand on my pillow and wonder where on earth it came from. 

I've always dyed my hair. When I was young it was to be a bit different from my normal mouse brown. Later it was because I wanted an even colour. But now I'm going to be doing it to cover up the grey hairs!

I always wondered whether I would be one of those old ladies who embraced the grey or kept on dying until the end. Well, being in my 30s I'm not ready to become a Silver Vixen JUST yet!

Do you think we are too vain about going grey on top?


  1. Are we all too vain? POSSIBLY, but then again, transitioning over to the grey side would be fairly confronting for *anyone*! (You've had a lifetime of mostly one shade of colour, and then it just… CHANGES? That's kind of a big deal! Not going to fib; initially, I'd totally freak out at spotting my first one!)

    1. Darn passing of time, gets us all! I'm now past freaking out and am at acceptance/resignation :)



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