Wednesday, May 28, 2014


How about that game of sportsball on the weekend? You watching the sportsball match tonight? Man, I really love that sportsball team. 

You ever feel left out when it comes to sport? Recently I've been wondering if I'm missing something because I don't barrack for a team or player. Everyone else seems to, why aren't I even remotely interested?

When I was at school, I played the mandatory sports - netball, volleyball, tennis, athletics. I even remember kind of enjoying softball in the winter at primary school. But I never was particularly good at it, nor interested in pursuing it. 

Now as an adult, I don't "follow" a particular sport. I was raised in a rugby league family so I can watch a match and carry on a passable conversation about it, but left to my own devices I couldn't care less who wins the NRL premiership. Similarly I'm not remotely interested in any of the more popular sports here in Australia - AFL, cricket, soccer, golf, tennis, V8s. My husband is the same though as a car guy he will watch a few laps of Bathurst every year. 

I asked C the other day if he thought perhaps we should pick a sport and team to barrack for and follow, as other people seem to get so much enjoyment out of it. We toyed with the idea before deciding if we weren't passionate about it to start with, why should we fake an interest?

Tonight is the first match of the arguably the biggest League series of the year - State of Origin. My parents-in-law, who are rabid Qld supporters, will watch every minute, alternatively screaming and moaning at the tv. 

I haven't decided if I'll watch yet. I'm tempted to dismiss it as yet another game of sportsball - but somehow I think I'll get caught up in the excitement. 

Do you follow a sport and have a team? Tell me about it!

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