Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yard Work is Hard Work

Well if there's one thing I have learnt about myself this long weekend, it's that I freaking hate yard work. Hate it. 

I hate being out in the hot sun. I hate getting my hands dirty. I don't like doing physical, repetitive tasks. I will find any excuse to stay in the house and do something else other than things like weeding, pruning or mowing. And most of the time I just find it downright boring. 

This is probably why our yard always looks like a jungle. A jungle slash construction site anyway. 

But what I have learned is my parents-in-law freaking LOVE IT. They both like being out in the hot sun. Getting their hands dirty and whatnot. Mother-in-law has spent the past few days doing what she calls "pottering", perfectly happy. 

What a lazy girl they must think I am! Which makes me worry about my vege garden which C and Father-in-Law are going to build (at my request!). Am I going to even tend to it? I desperately want homegrown veges but seem to be allergic to gardening. 

May need an attitude adjustment in that respect, I reckon. 

Do you loathe or love yard work? How can I make it more appealing?


  1. I hate yardwork mostly. I don't mind it occasionally, but I don't like being out in the sun much: I usually only go to the beach at night! But that's not really an option for yardwork (or it isn't for us, we have no lights in the yard). It's one reason I want a simple, somewhat tree-less backyard - it's nice to have the space and easy to take care of.

    1. Low-maintenance is key for me! I am very much an indoor girl...

  2. I do it only because I love the end result! Thankfully I'm married to a hubby who loves being outside and doing our yard and tending to our veggie garden.

    1. I am hoping this is what will happen for me - I will enjoy putting in the work to get the reward!



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