Monday, April 28, 2014

Tiny Houses - living with less

I've heard of the slow living movement - but tiny houses are new to me! Have you heard of the Tiny House Movement?

So what are tiny houses? Well, they are what they say on the box - houses that are very, very small. People who build and live in them say they want a lifestyle of reduced spending, less waste and more conscious living.

Tiny homes are less expensive for things like heating, cooling, electricity and maintenence. Plus they are said to encourage a less cluttered and simpler lifestyle - imagine the reduced size of your environmental footprint! Many decide to build them on wheels, so they can move easily about.

The below video gives you a better idea of what this kind of lifestyle is all about.

There are quite a few blogs about tiny house living. I'll leave you to google - I find the whole thing intriguing and more than a little charming. And it doesn't have to be minimalist - check out this caravan of luxury in France!

I will leave you with this cool site to check out: Tiny House Swoon. You'll want to sell up and build a little wooden cabin, I swear.

And sealing the popularity of the movement - there's going to be a tv show.

What do you think? Could you downsize into a tiny home?


  1. I love this idea! If you have a big home, you invariably have to fill it, right?! Most of us live with so much more than we need… tiny houses are an awesome way to encourage us to live with less!

    1. It is a pretty great idea isn't it? I think I would struggle but ultimately what a great way to change the way you think about "things".



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