Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Love the Library

It never ceases to amaze me that as a tax-paying member of the public, I can walk into my local library and they let me take stuff home. Cool stuff. Not just books either! How trusting!

Lately, due to lack of funds, I've stopped buying myself my usual treat of magazines. I am also, as you may know, partial to the occasional cookbook. And guess what? I've recently realised I can get both these things from the library!

I know, duh. Should have known this already, and I guess I kind of vaguely did, but I was always so busy fluttering around looking at books, I never really thought about the other great items libraries will lend you.

I now get mags, cookbooks, CDs AND books and enjoy them for a whole MONTH. At my leisure. For free.

And what is great to see, every time I'm at my local library, there are heaps of people there. It is not a quiet place where the librarian shushs you when you talk.

Nope, it's a loud place. The chatter of families as they choose their young ones books together. Teenagers lounge about discussing manga and the latest John Green book. The click of keyboards never stops as people browse the catalogue, or the internet.

I just love it.

Do you go to the library? Do you get the maximum amount of items?


  1. A million times yes.

    Mostly to indulge my Danielle Steel habit. I can't bring myself to actually pay for said trash, but I love curling up at the end of a long week with one of her romances. I'd be pretty mortified if anyone ever saw my library borrowing record :P

    1. What a wonderful way to indulge your guilty pleasure for free! You shouldn't be embarrassed though!



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