Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sarah Suggests: Vine

When it launched, Vine was a bit of a "thing". I stayed away from it, hearing only that it was Instagram for videos and not wanting anything that would blow out my data limit on my phone.

But one day I got curious, got it, and I've been hooked since. As I haven't heard anyone mention it in a while, I thought I'd give it my stamp of approval and feature the app here.

Why? Because even though videos are limited to 6 seconds, the depth and width of Vine is amazing. It encourages brevity and creativity, and there are some great people out there doing very cool stuff with it. Vines are funny, weird, pretty or just plain jawdropping. I encourage you to take a look.

Don't want another app? You can get it on your computer, here at

Here are some of my fave "viners". (note these links may only work if you're logged in).

Sunny Mabrey
(her "Owen" series is hysterical, search hashtag #owen)

Brittany Furlan


Curtis Lepore

Jason Nash

Brandon Calvillo


(I seriously am in awe of this guy, no idea how he makes his vines)

Celebrity viners (that actually post a lot).

Eric Stonestreet

Colin Hanks

Maisie Williams

Some of these people are now actually getting paid, and doing sponsored vines. Crazy world we live in, eh?

Here's some ones I liked lately.

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