Friday, January 3, 2014

My Best Books of 2013

Three days ago, I made and posted a vlog on my YouTube channel (yes, I have one of those - claiming my digital real estate and all that jazz), and I kept forgetting to put it up here.

So here it is. Comments are love people!

(Seriously, would love your feedback. I used the "good" camera to make this and I'm very happy with the quality. Just need to learn how to edit things I think.)

What was the best book you read this year?


  1. Divergent, Yes. The remainder of the Divergent books, no. I was so disappointed in the way the rest of the series went. I'm also already irritated with the movie preview- in the first scene she's wearing bucketloads of mascara. Seriously- she wouldn't have worn make up at all!!

    I actually didn't finish Wool. Must do that. I'm only a chapter or two away from the end.

    Video was great. Maybe hold the books up a little higher? I missed you announcing the title of Wool (kids decided to scream out at that exact moment), and then it took me a few more minutes to figure out what you were talking about because the title appears below the screen.

    Hooray for vlogging!

    1. I'm hearing the same thing from other Divergent fans so you're not alone! I will still go see the movie though :)
      Thanks for the tip on framing - will watch that in future!

  2. Hey Sarah! Good on you for mixing it up. I love Marian Keyes too. I've read all her books twice over the last ten years. I've occasionally put videos on my blog and have never had much traffic. I think a lot of people are too impatient to sit for three minutes and watch them. I know most of my audience are non-bloggers and prefer something they can read really quickly. It's fun to do though and I'll keep doing it if I feel like it.



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