Monday, January 27, 2014

Fighting Food Waste: Caramelised Pear and Greek Yoghurt

I've had a recalcitrant hard pear in my fruit bowl for two weeks now. I began to despair it would ever ripen.

So instead of throwing it in the bin or compost I decided to cook it. I remembered some lovely stewed and baked pear recipes I had read recently and eventually settle on this one from (of all places) Fisher & Paykel's Our Kitchen.

It sounded pretty yum so I chucked butter, castor sugar (couldn't be bothered trying to find brown) and a dash of vanilla essence (because who has vanilla pods in the pantry?) into a small saucepan on low heat.

While that was bubbling I chopped up the Pear into small bits and threw it in the butter for five mins. Added a little water and let it simmer down to a thick syrup which took about 10 mins.

 Spooned over some natural Greek yoghurt, enjoyed. Oh my goodness, so good! it's probably too sweet for breakfast, would highly recommend for dessert though!

What do you do with old fruit?



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