Saturday, February 1, 2014

Does it really matter?

Asking the big philosophical questions here on the blog today. No, not really. But it is about perspective. 

My workplace has been very stressful lately. A combination of problems that haven't been fixed, short-staffing and general idiocy has resulted in a perfect storm of craziness. I have been hoping things would get better in the new year but they haven't. 

I work in accounts. Accounting, if you didn't know, has a monthly cycle. I am a collector. That means I make you pay your bills. (Yes, it's as fun as it sounds!)

Yesterday, being the 31st, was our last collection day. It had to count. I had to get as much moola in as possible. My life depended on it...

Except it didn't. Yes, my monthly bonus depended on it but not much else. My workmate, seeing me freaking out at a large debtor not paying at the last minute, asked me - "Does it really matter? I mean, really really?"

Our boss looked sharply at us but I still took a breath, thought about it and said "No."

My personal pride may take a beating. Our team results may not be as great as last month. But really, I won't lose my job. The world won't end. 

So, this weekend I am attempting to put my work into perspective. I'd love it to be a place where I am learning and being professionally fulfilled every day, but lets face it, sometimes it's not. It's a job, that I do to earn money, so I can have a nice life. 

It matters, but not as much as I tend to think it does sometimes. 

Do you care too much about work? How do you put it into perspective?


  1. I totally care too much about (everything) work.

    Although I have been at home with the kids for a while, I worked from home in my last job and it did not work out well because I cared too much and couldn't walk away! Crazy really, I would have worked 24hrs a day if it were up to me (I could not draw a line and stick to it!). My husband kept saying "you are NOT curing cancer!" and that kind of kept me a bit grounded because he was right.

    1. Oh I so hear you on the "curing cancer" thing! Thank goodness for those around us who can help make us realise these things!

  2. Sometimes it's so hard not to get caught up in work. I try to live by - work to live, don't live to work.

    1. That is such a great saying - I must incorporate it into my personal mantras :)

  3. I spent today mentally obsessing over if I will get an internal position at work or if I will end up unemployed at the end of the month. In some ways I don't mind which, I just want to freaking know so I can start taking action!

    1. Thinking about work on the weekend - guilty too! I hate that stuff that's in limbo - hope you get some info to make a decision on soon!

  4. Focus on the things that are within your control. You can't make someone pay their bill, but you can harass them (as much as the law permits) until they pay just to make you go away



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