Monday, April 23, 2012

A new friend

On Saturday night, reclining on the couch in my most slothful position and discussing tall building engineering, I realized I have a new friend.

It’s my mum.

It was a lightbulb moment. I went up to the farm this weekend to visit our wedding photographer and collect our proper photos (excitement! But that’s news for another post) and C then went back to Brisbane as he had to work. I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday just hanging out with my mum.

I realized that I love doing just that – spending time with her. Not only is she nice and willing to pay for things (thanks mum!), she’s smart and interesting and we can talk for hours. We’re interested in the same things, so we always have something to talk about. In fact, hubby is convinced that we talk TOO MUCH.

We had a fab old time – watering the garden, BBQ dinner on the patio drinking wine and listening to the radio, Sunday breakfast at a café (The Engine Room in Railway St, Toowoomba – highly recommended!), markets then garage sales. I think she was delighted to go to the markets and garage sales too because dad always refuses to take her! My newly-minted hubby is the same, though he supports my thrifting habit, he draws the line at going with me a lot of the time!

The whole time I spent up there was not only fun and relaxing, the fact that I discovered a new friendship made it a golden weekend. I think now that I’m older I can appreciate my mum more as a person, not just the lady who raised me.

Are you friends with your mum?

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  1. There was actually a thing on Today this morning about friendships between mothers and their grown daughters.



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