Thursday, April 12, 2012

My social media story

Today I realized I have far to many fingers in far too many social media pies. The realization came when I started looking at reddit and linkedin, just exploring as I had heard them talked about in various spheres both online and off. And then I started thinking about how many accounts I already have, how many I have tried and deleted accounts for, and how many I have yet to explore. Let’s make a list shall we?


Twitter – obviously a fan. Now my main source of news, I don’t watch TV news or read newspapers any more.

Facebook – have considered deleting a number of times however have stayed for the Zynga games. I also have started liking it again post-wedding as my cousins all told me it’s the only way they have of keeping up with family news. I’m reading my feed more often now to be more involved in their lives, and also actually posting status updates now after being begged to by a relative :p Considering removing everybody except family, close friends and game neighbours.

Instagram – got on the bandwagon early and stayed there. I love this app so much. I love taking iphone photos and sharing them with my followers AND with my social media networks. What I REALLY love lately are the celebrities on there. Getting a small glimpse into their lives is so interesting. I recommend: Jamie Oliver, Chris Lilley (who is an amazing photographer btw), Jessica Alba, David Blue and Kat Von D.

Tumblr – I didn’t understand it for the longest time, but now I love it for its quirkiness. Like twitter, the quality of what you see depends entirely on who you follow. I like to keep mine full of prettiness and memes. Haven’t devoted much time to it lately due to my crazy wedding frenzy.

GetGlue – I wanted something that I could use to check in to TV shows and participate in discussion and GetGlue was recommended. You can check-in to movies, books, music and “things I’m thinking about”. You collect stickers when you check into random things, or check into something a number of times. Apparently you can get these sent to you in real life via the post however I have yet to figure this part out. Thinking of deleting this one as superfluous to my social media suite at present.


Pinterest – it’s now incredibly popular but I started using Pinterest after getting engaged in January 2011 (does this make me an early-adopter?) after my friend recommended it for wedding planning. I recently blogged about my problemswith it and have now stopped using it. I haven’t deleted my account though, and am getting new followers and repins every day despite not being active. I am considering using it once more for business purposes in the future however.

Foursquare – I deleted Foursquare because of privacy concerns. And also because I literally never go anywhere interesting. If I do, I now use Facebook check-in instead.

Path – though it has such great potential, I had big privacy issues with this app (they had some negative media coverage regarding the way it was accessing your phone contacts to find friends). Also, despite me requesting it not to display my location, Path persisted in posting my suburb to my timeline every time I ‘slept’ or ‘woke up’. One thing I did adore about this app though was the moon rising animation when you ‘go to sleep’. It even showed what phase the moon was in that night. It also calculates how many hours you’ve slept, which is handy. That part was great. As an interactive social media platform it did have potential, with the ability to check into places and also share music, however I felt the simple addition of a few more check-in options like what book I’m reading or tv show I’m watching would make it truly unbeatable as a sharing app.

Google+ - ‘nuff said. Deleted as it was sharing my real name and I couldn’t figure out how to change it.


Reddit – interested because the guy in the ‘Caine’s Arcade’ video described it as ‘the front page of the internet’. And lo, that is also their tag line. On my to-do list to check out, also because @wilw uses it.

LinkedIn – I understand this is for ‘professionals’? Has been recommended to hubby as part of his business strategy but I understand it also can help drive blog traffic.

Digg – seems to have been around forever and I keep seeing little Digg icons everywhere (like, for years) but have never really looked at it.

Delicious – again, keep seeing icons for sharing things on this site, no idea what it is

StumbleUpon – as above

Flickr – though I have an account, I rarely use it for social media purposes. I understand it has quite a strong community thing going on however

What social media platforms or applications do you use regularly? What ones have you tried and discarded?


  1. I use:


    Between blogging 'for me' and my business, I get social media'd out. I am going to have another crack at Twitter but then I think that's it for me until I am not balancing so many plates on two hands!

  2. I use Facebook and pinterest heavily, twitter in spurts (i think you are usually happy on twitter or FB but rarely both). Having an android phone means i only just downloaded instagram a week ago and have yet to investigate.

    Delicious funny enough is old school - that was my 1st social book marking site but have not touched it in years now. I figure there is only so much time and so far i have refused to make an effort on google+. I had never heard of Path or get glue and am amazed at how many ways you can be involved in social media these days (makes me feel old!)



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