Monday, April 30, 2012


We had a local council election this weekend. Annoying after just having voted in the state election, yes, but I was rather looking forward to checking out people’s voting day garage sales.

Unfortunately it poured down rain and my enthusiasm was dampened (I borrowed a little pun from my twitter there, it was so good I just had to repeat it, sorry. I’m not witty very often). Instead I stayed inside and pottered about doing housework. I also seized the opportunity to do a few things I have been putting off to do with wedding photos – ie. Email them to people as promised and also upload a heap of the professional ones to Facebook.

I continue to be overwhelmed by my friends’ and family’s interest in my wedding photos – they were THERE for goodness sake. But I get it, I get it. They didn’t get to see the bridal shoot so I have emailed some of the prime ones off. I also put a heap up on Facebook.

Within an hour I was deleting a Facebook comment for the first time. While this may be a familiar action to many of you who run fan pages for your blogs (though I hope to god people don’t leave nasty comments on them regularly!) it was a first for me, and remember this was my personal page.

I posted this photo:

It cracks me up. We were supposed to be taking a shot of us kissing with the silhouette being the feature. C was making me laugh by making shadow puppets, and the photographer captured him doing a barking dog. A friend commented – “what was he doing? Is he insinuating you’re a bitch?”

I’m sorry – WHAT? How do you even interpret that from a fun, lighthearted photo. FROM OUR WEDDING DAY. Anyways, I responded by explaining no, he’s just making me laugh. Then deleted her comment. I didn’t want my family reading that!

Whenever I delete a useless email at work I say obnoxiously “BAA-LETED!”. I must admit I did it with this comment too. I have no idea where I got this from but I still find it amusing.

When was the last time you deleted a comment? Do you exercise your right to moderate your own Facebook or blog?


  1. What?! That's craaazy! You're so right - how on earth could you even possibly derive that from what is such a beautiful photo?! Some people - they're nutters!

    You look gorgeous!

  2. Having a fan page for my photography business means that I very often have to delete stuff. People critique your work, flog their own photography business and all sort of things - it's so hurtful to the client! I delete that stuff a lot.

    i have a few family member who make stupid or critical comments on Facebook so I just delete them, too :)

  3. That's a crazy insinuation. I didn't get that at all. In fact, I had to look a few times to even see the dog- I thought he was holding something.

    And on your personal page too? Maybe time to delete the person?

    P.S I love your wedding dress! You look gorgeous!

  4. With friends like that...

    Where is my photo email *pouts*

    Teasing you know.



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