Saturday, December 17, 2011

A post about presents that ended up being about dessert

Yesterday on Twitter I confessed that I had not bought a single Christmas present. I was reassured by some that they, too, had not gotten started.

I had grand intentions this year of starting in months, doing everything online and effectively eliminating the stress of the entire epic saga that is Buying Presents. It was not to be.

I think my problem is that I am a champion procrastinator, plus I totally over-think things (see previous posts about my Christmas Crisis).

I am happy to report, however, that yesterday I bought two gifts! And my darling other half has volunteered to get his mother's present, the one that really has me stumped. So what am I buying for everyone else this year?

Gift cards.

I know. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. Cop-out. But I just don't care any more. I'd rather concentrate on the food and drink, actually.

I want to make a gorgeous dessert but can't decide between trifle, tiramisu and cassata. Oh my goodness. Here's some recipes I've been eyeing off...

Actually I just remembered my mother has an amazing recipe for cassata. I must steal it.

What's your favourite dessert at Xmas?


  1. My favourite dessert at Christmas time is anything drowned in custard! My family have never been that creative in the culinary department. I would like to make a chocolate and pistachio cake, but right now we have been baking pistachio and cranberry biscotti, oatmeal, pecan and choco chip cookies, and shortbread!

    Christmas is the best time for food! And I must say, I have been more prepared than last year this Christmas! One more present and baking to go! It's just the postage that makes me procrastinate so~

  2. best dessert for EVERY occasion is lemon pie. every time!

    What a fabulous range you have to choose from!

    xo em

  3. Trifle...but more because it brings back memories of Christmas's gone by, I think :o)

    And I've only just started doing the pressie thing too...Still have a few to go! Nothing wrong with gift cards either...I'm sure the receipiant would much rather a card than a present which they already have or just maybe don't need...

    Go the Cassata! Looks yummo :o)



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