Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Technology – it's the wave of the future

Technology really does amaze me sometimes. Sure, according to Back to the Future we should be getting flying cars and hover-boards any day now, but the things we do have in our everyday life nowadays is nothing short of cool.

When I look back at my childhood, and think how we had to get up to change the TV channel, it seems so old-fashioned! There were no DVDs or CDs, just VCRs and cassette tapes. I used to make mix-tapes off the radio, and the only shopping from home you could do was from catalogues and the Avon lady. We played computer games on a Commodore 64 that you plugged into the TV set.

Now, I have an iPod, an iPhone, cable tv, a portable DVD player and a Wii. I can watch 100 channels of television programming and pause shows I'm watching. I can even rewind it, and tape stuff without a VCR. I can fit thousands of songs onto my ipod, which barely bigger than a credit card, and my iPhone... well, what can't it do?

My iPhone is my mini computer, telephone, tv, camera and music player. I can do my banking and pay bills with the touch of a finger, text my friends and send them a photo of what I'm doing as well. I can watch TV shows, listen to music, do a thousand helpful and frivolous things and when I'm bored with all that, I can still use it to make phone calls. Truly it is a golden age we live in.

What technology amazes you? And how is it different from when you were younger?

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