Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rods, Rock 'n' Roll

A few weekends ago, one of us (that would be me) had the bright idea of heading down to our local festivities venue, Pine Rivers Park, to see “Rods, Rock 'n' Roll” - a celebration of all things cool and retro. There was a massive car show 'n' shine, food stalls and a great variety of bands playing music from the 50s to the 70s.

It was such a great afternoon. We ate hot chips, drank hot chocolate and C even ended up winning a fuel voucher from a survey he did about motorcycle safety!

C is a great person to go to car shows with. He knows all the cars and explains to me which ones are cool. Also which ones are famous from movies and music videos. Like the '33 Ford coupe that is so recognisable as ZZ Top's 'Eliminator'. Or a blown '57 Chevy exactly like that in the movie 'Running on Empty'.

I determined that the 30s is definitely my fave car era. I just love everything about the shape.

Although I'm not a huge car girl, I was really impressed by the amount of time and effort these folks put into their machines.

After a soft-serve ice cream, we eventually called it a day.

What's your favourite retro or vintage car?

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