Friday, May 20, 2011

Worky worky

I haven't blogged in a while, I know. A few reasons, the main one being that I have started a new job and I don't sit in front of the computer in the evenings any more.

I'm on a 9-5 roster (or the "Dolly Parton" shift as I like to call it) and my new commute sees me battle afternoon rush hour traffic to get home. So by the time I get there, cook dinner then collapse on the couch I don't feel much like blogging!

My new job is... well, it just IS. I don't love it, I don't hate it. I definately can see myself getting very bored with it very quickly. However it's ok at the moment as I'm learning lots of new things about a whole new industry.

And the best part is... it's not Telstra! Yes, now that I have left that company I am no longer wary of naming it on the internet. I am really, really happy to be out of Telstra and telecommunications altogether.

I've gone from working for one of the nation's largest employers to one of the biggest global brands - not sure how many employees my new company has but it has offices in 200+ countries (I got that from the website! hee). And as a bonus, I get to look at planes all day out the office window. It really was a highlight for me this morning to come into work and see four planes parked outside the building (there is usually only one) and have one of them be a 747. Those things are huge, and the nose of it was practically touching my office window. That was great.

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