Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Walk in the Bush

On Easter Friday (or maybe it was Easter Saturday? I have a bad memory) we decided to go for a bushwalk. It's something that C and I have been wanting to do more regularly, and we came up with the idea of making each hike an opportunity to practise our photography skills. That way, the hike has a purpose other than exercise (which I HATE).
We invited our friend along as well, as he's much better at photography than both of us, and drove up to a picnic spot called Bullocky's Rest, at North Pine Dam. We chose a short walk that went around a small peninsula.

I wore a hat. Because I was being sunsafe. I also wore sunscreen. The boys wore neither.

This was the scene at Bullocky's Rest picnic area - heaps of families just hanging out, eating, fishing, throwing balls around. It was great to see people getting out and enjoying the great outdoors instead of staying inside playing video games etc.

The view at the start of our walk - in fact you couldn't see much of the dam the entire time, as the track is set far back from the shore in some places.

The boys, as you can see, were dressed sensibly. Our friend did the entire 5km or so in thongs.

My feets. I like this shot. It's different and clearly inspired.

This was the best part - we stumbled on a small trail off the main track and found someone's swimming hole. See the rope strung up for convenient swinging? There were also crab/yabbie pots set here. C pulled one up, worrying the whole time a dead body would float to the surface instead. There was nothing in it.

At one point C thought he saw "something" run across the trail in front of us. "Something BIG... " was all he would say when pressed. This ruined the rest of the afternoon for me, as I have a complete and utter horror of yowies, bunyips, sasquatches, chupacabras and Australian panthers. Seriously, bushwalking sometimes freaks the hell out of me because I will suddenly become terrified that a yowie will stride out of the trees. I'm weird, I know.
Anyways, it was probably a deer or a really large roo or something. We walked back to the car and didn't see anything else the rest of the way.

And then we went and got a slushie. The end.

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