Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Nice to Be Appreciated

This week the multiple-national corporation I work for celebrated an "employee appreciation week". This involved gifts and food for days. 

Now, normally I am cynical about this sort of thing. My friend calls this kind of morale-boosting activity "fluff"; that glosses over actual work problems and distracts the masses. Classic Bread & Circuses, you might say. 

But honestly, this time I found myself just happy to be on the receiving end of some appreciation. A big lunch was catered, more than we all could possibly eat. We got corporate shirts (really nice ones too, not the usual flimsy tees). There were even cupcakes. And throughout the week, the message has been THANK-YOU. 

Thanks for all your hard work team, the company is saying. My department has been performing fairly badly lately, so it is a nice change from the usual YOU MUST DO BETTER which has been the theme song for the past few months. 

That said, if I eat any more cupcakes, I may explode. 

Do you get shown appreciation for the things you do? 

1 comment:

  1. I wish our managers learnt to appreciate us more. We don't get any positive feedback from the powers above and only get told how much mandatory training we still need to complete, how we still need to see more clients, how we need to enter our stats more. It's frustrating because in the end, we work our arses off.

    It's nice to see your organisation appreciating all the hard work you do. In the end, it does motivate you to work harder.

    I'll say this though: We've had clients give positive feedback sometimes and I treasure those.



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