Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why I'm Still Shopping at Aldi

I don't think the people of my suburb "get" Aldi. A new one has opened up down the road (can I get a HALLELUJAH?) and I've been there twice now, switching from one a 20min drive away.

The locals, used as they are to Woolworths, push their overflowing trolleys past, giving it the side-eye. Of those that dare venture within, some seemingly dismiss the Aldi trolleys and bring one in from Woollies next door. Most don't have shopping bags, and I see them putting their purchases, one by one, loose into the boot of their car. The inventive ones have flogged an empty box or two, but this is a hard task given that this Aldi seems to be permanently fully stocked; shelves groaning. I think the staff are bored.

Our recent improvement in the fiscal situation meant that for a while, I was shopping at Coles. Not for any particular kind of loyalty, but because I like the Flybuys points. When we were struggling, I always longed to shop there again. I imagined myself strolling the aisles, leisurely browsing the 7 different brands of tomato sauce on offer.

But like most things in life, reality was quite different to my daydreams. I went back there a few times, bought my usual things - nothing too lavish like steak or anything - and walked out shaking my head over the docket. I could not believe what things cost there. Years of shopping at Aldi have spoilt me for the cost of things ranging from muesli bars to cheese.

And so I am back at Aldi, and quite happy about it. I am literally saving $30-40 a week shopping there, and honestly, there's next to no difference (except the fruit and veg isn't great). There's a few minor things I cannot get there, but I can duck into a Coles/Woolies/IGA any time once a month to get these.

I'm sure my fellow neighbours will warm up to it soon. They just have to remember to bring a trolley token, their bags and learn the Aldi checkout race-against-the-teller technique. Easy peasy.

Where do you grocery shop, and why?


  1. Grocery shopping for me is about what's most convenient and time efficient, and if there was an Aldi on the way home from work, it would get more love from me too. I totally agree with your comment on fruit and vegies. There's a great fruit barn that I try to go to when I get a late shift. I used to be organised enough to schedule my dinner menus around my shifts and when I had to re-stock the fridge.

    1. Groceries are something we do so much, we really have to find the best, most efficient ways to get it done! I am going to try and go to the greengrocer for fruit and veges but honestly it's an extra trip and sometimes I'm just too over it!
      Organisation and meal planning is key but sometimes it just isn't possible for me.

  2. Even thinking about Australian supermarkets again in GENERAL is making me salivate. They're so much better than what's on offer in New Zealand!

    I currently shop at Countdown (Woolworths' New Zealand identity), but only because that's my only option. New Zealand has these huge chains of supermarkets called Pak 'N Save (similar in price to Aldi), and they're *so* cheap and great, but unfortunately, there isn't one anywhere near me! The day one opens near the Auckland CBD is when I will cry tears of joy. Their produce is exceptional and you save maaajor money from shopping there. (One small example? Their tins of baby formula - a weekly purchase for me - are $10.99. I pay a minimum of $21 for them anywhere else!)

    1. Oh my, I didn't realise Aldi had yet to expand into NZ! that's a blow, but your ones sound pretty good. Pity the Pak N Save isn't closer, these things seem to be just random luck with locations sometimes. What a great saving on baby formula! Fingers crossed for you there may be a way to get to one conveniently soon (perhaps a friend could be convinced to take you on a special trip?)



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