Monday, June 2, 2014

Being the Older Woman

My dear husband celebrates his 30th birthday this week. He had a party on the weekend, the first since he was 21. (I'd never really thought about throwing him one before, as I dislike having people over so much!)

He hasn't really confided in me whether this milestone and the start of a new decade of his life bothers him, but it did serve to remind me that I am 33. 

Yes, I'm the Older Woman. Cradle-snatcher. Cougar. Ha! 

Which doesn't really bother me at all. It's never been an issue really, except for when that measley 3-year age gap means he can't remember things like Fraggle Rock or I have no cultural reference for kids tv of the early 90s. Or I remember that my little brother is older than him. 

What other people think of it I have no idea. Perhaps I have been lucky in that friends and family have offered no unsolicited opinion!

Are you the eldest in your relationship? At what point does the gap become odd or creepy?

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