Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What makes Sarah, Sarah?

What makes me, me?

I am the girl who:

- feels the cold and has too many scarves

- wears glasses even though she could have contacts

- has frizzy, curly, thick hair which does not confirm or behave

- thought she would be single forever and was amazed to be proven wrong

- goes through obsessive phases; vintage china, scarves, dystopian fiction, Coke Zero, nail polish

- cannot keep her house clean and tidy, despite best efforts 

- has bad feet and will probably never wear pretty shoes again

- is finding grey hairs and is in denial about it

- still goes to the library and reads books every day

- used to go on holidays overseas by herself, and wonders where that fearlessness and thirst for adventure has gone

- cannot picture life without tv or Internet 

- loves cooking shows but cannot cook

- hates all things finance, yet works in accounts

- loves the simple things; sleep-ins, warm patches of sun on a cold day, two squares of chocolate, a hint of perfume in a crowd, the sound of the ocean

What makes you, you?


  1. Oh this is cool! nice to know you a little better Sarah. :)

  2. There are a few things there that I relate to. A few things I would have guessed from twitter and a few surprises....

  3. My house is never, ever tidy.

  4. We have some similarities; such as the bad feet [although surprisingly they are getting better!] and the inability to live without the internet or tv. Oh and the house, always a mess over this side ;)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the prompt for Sunny & Sparkles, I really appreciate it!



    [aka Sparkles]

  5. Neat Post.

    I have bad feet- terrible toenails...and I like to hide them. It took me MONTHS to find cute wedding shoes that were enclosed. Months.



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