Saturday, February 18, 2012

Casa de Surely Declutter

Today I was inspired by A Beach Cottage's Declutter Mission and decided to attack my kitchen. I've been really irked lately with all the knick-knacks and general clutter taking up room in my house and so I decided to actually do something about it.

Having read possibly hundreds of blogs about de-cluttering, I knew it was important to do it systematically, and one things at a time. So I got my helper (Other Half, grumbling but present) and we did the cupboards clockwise from the left, working our way around.

Boy, was it a bigger job than I thought! Ended up not even touching the pantry because I just couldn't face it after doing one cupboard and the drawers! I cleaned as I went. How do the inside of cupboard doors get so much crud on them?

My helper disappeared about halfway through but returned later to help me lift out the heavy stacks of crockery. The neighbour dropped by near the end, so I chatted to her whilst doing the last cupboard. Tried to offload a stack of old plastic containers and crap onto her, but she only took the old pie-maker. I told her it's all going to the charity shop tomorrow unless she changes her mind!

Before: This is the bakeware and platters cupboard. Yes that's a crockpot crammed in there.

The Tupperware cupboard. Nightmare.

The "miscellaneous" drawer.

Look! I finally did something that I saw on Pinterest!

Interesting find: a pair of stoneware containers. Absolutely no marks, both pristine condition. The square one could be a butter dish but is slightly too large. 

Lovely Anchor Hosking casserole dish.

Depression glass? Unsure. Nice amber candy dish though.

Jackpot - Pyrex! A lot of this stuff I didn't even know I had because we inherited the house contents from C's parents when they moved out. I've never delved the depths of some of these cupboards despite living here for four years.

This is about half the Tupperware cupboard when I pulled it all out. The other half is on the kitchen bench. C saw it and promptly declared the mess "effing ridiculous".

I'm calling this the Find of the Day: A Wedgewood "Pennine" sugar bowl. Just lovely.

And the finished product - the now-neat Tupperware cupboard. Let's see how long it stays that way, shall we? (Four plastic bags filled with non-Tupperware containers we never use. Ones with lids will be going to Lifeline tomorrow).

The bakeware and platters cupboard. Sorry for the poor quality, just took with my phone, no natural light!

The "miscellaneous" drawer. Now with containers for things.

Also going to charity: A George Foreman grill, no less than 3 quiche dishes and a stack of microwave cookware that I never use. SO CLEANSING.

So today was productive, but exhausting. Join in the fun yourself or search the #bcdeclutter hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to see other's efforts!

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  1. Ha! Your plastics cupboard looked a lot like mine did until two weeks ago when I finally bit the bullet and cleared it out! :)



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