Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

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This blog has been a little silent of late. The reason being is I haven’t felt the need to post anything. I usually do participate in a few link-ups on the weekend however I was visiting my parents the last few days and in between helping mum with her computer, a big family birthday party and generally lolling about I didn’t really think about blogging!

Today I’m going on a work trip. My company is sending me to Sydney for 2 days to complete a training course, along with a few other newbies. I’m flying out tonight and coming home Thursday. This means two nights and two days away, coming straight after 3 days away at the farm. I’ll be missing my darling a lot by the time I come back, I bet.

But at the same time I’m kind of excited. I love flying. I love that surge of speed when the engines spool up and engage, and the plane shoots forward on the runway. I sit there grinning, thinking about the unbelievable amount of air that is being forced through the jet engines and generating enough speed and lift to get the great hulking behemoth off the ground. I’m not so excited about landings, I must admit (I dislike the way the descent makes my stomach drop) but it’s worth it for that feeling you get on take-off.

The engineering of an aeroplane is a fascinating thing, should you be interested in the way things work like I am. Fortunately I am engaged to a guy that is an aircraft maintenence engineer, so he explains things to me. Did you know that a plane has about as much aerodynamic-ness as a brick? It's not the shape that makes it able to fly - it's the mysterious forces of physics.

I’m also kind of looking forward to the novelty of my first “business trip” and the all-expenses paid accommodation and food. We’re staying at an airport hotel, so won’t get to see anything of the city, but I don’t mind because I’ve seen most of Sydney multiple times!

Do you ever travel for work? Does it lose its novelty quickly?


  1. Not that I've ever done it, but I love the idea of occasional work travel. Especially the staying in a hotel and getting to escape normal life part.

    Although flying? I hate it. I spend the whole time stressed and concentrating on keeping the plane in the air. Yep, you read the correctly- it's my pure brain power that keeps the plane flying.

    I may have to be medicated if we ever take a long flight!

    Have a great trip :) Share some more wedding stuff on your bridal blog when you get back- I'm an old married woman (5 years next year!) and need to relive the excitement a bit more!

  2. I used to travel a lot in my job. I worked for an International Investment Bank that was moving a lot of it's Operations to India. So my travel was in India and to be truthful, I hated it. Sure it was nice to stay in a 5 star hotel and be able to have a swim every morning before work and delicious food 24/7 but the poverty was heartbreaking and I felt like such a hypocrite.

    Plus there's missing the husband and dog added in to the mix so I was pretty happy when I stopped traveling for work.

  3. Ohhh exciting! Hope you have a great time!

    I used to travel HEAPS for work (even internationally) but these days the thought of it makes me shudder. I've become too much of a home body and I miss all the things I love when I'm away.

    When did I become so old?




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