Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinteresting - Gardens and herbs

This week I've been thinking about gardens. Because though I possess a "black thumb" and do no gardening myself, I like looking at other peoples' green stuff. Plus I'm wanting to grow some herbs (more on that in an upcoming post) and have been looking around for pretty ideas for herb pots. I am especially in love with the tea tins. So rustic!

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  1. Love the garden with the purple flowers. I have a black thumb as well - have never so much as pulled a weed or planted something - leave it to hubby and the kids!

    When hubs went into the hospital with appendicitis I only realised on his last day in the hospital that perhaps i should have watered his plants and chillies - he was gutted everything was dead after 6 days of neglect.

  2. Some great ideas there. I love the cluster of terracotta pots on the table and also the use of the old tea tins as posts.

  3. Great ideas there, Sarah! I like the wooden box frames hanging on the fence. Oh, and I have a black thumb too.

  4. Beautiful pins Sarah, I love your style. I have a 'black thumb' too and not enough patience for gardening, though I would LOVE a gorgeous garden with flowers I could pick every day to have in the house...ohhh, just dreaming now =)



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