Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Heart My Body 2011


I struggled a bit with body image in my teens and early 20s. I was always the slightly-larger girl, never slim enough to fit into trendy clothes, or pull off the kind of outfits my friends never gave a second thought. Additionally, I'd had huge boobs since primary school and it was hard sometimes knowing they were the first thing people noticed about me!

I never hated my body but didn't think that much about it - except when I couldn't find clothes in my size at the shops.

Meeting my partner was a big revelation. He thinks I'm pretty (hee hee) and LOVES my big boobs and hips, and every lump and bump. He even loves my frizzy hair and snub nose. I only realised that I do in fact have a tiny waist when he told me! I have resolved recently to try to dress to emphasie this more, as I really feel it's an asset.

I bought this dress for our engagement party, and yes it's probably not the most flattering piece of clothing on the planet but it shows the real me - big boobs, belly and hips too. I have large thighs and I was once asked if I had been bitten by something because my ankles appeared "swollen"!

I would have to say my fave body part is my boobs, then my waist, then my hands. Heh. I have lovely hands and fingers, if I do say so myself :p

I think it is important that you love yourself first, and not rely on the validation of others to boost your self esteem. Yes, I adore that my partner loves me just the way I am - but I am comfortable with and love my body interdependently of that. The last few years, I have even become less anxious about appearing in a swimsuit. I'm resigned to the fact that I will never look like a model, and when I look around on the beach, there are more ladies that look like me than look like Miranda Kerr!

My photographer abandoned me this morning, so these are iphone pics in my messy bedroom. I'm not going to ask you to excuse the mess though, because I happen to know you all have similar-looking houses (I love that bloggers tell the TRUTH about these things!) I am sans makeup and hair styling because I wanted to look more "real" - if other brave ladies can post their bodies in their underwear, surely I can post something where I'm completely without product to aid me! When I first heard about the We Heart Life link-up on twitter, I didn't even posting a pic of me in my underwear. I applaud all those folks who have - but it's just not me :)


  1. You are gorgeous! I spent LOTS of good money trying to make my hair look like yours!

  2. You know what I see Sarah? Beautiful hair and happiness.

    And you call that a messy bedroom??? Ha ha, I'd be more afraid of posting a pic of my bedroom than me I would in my underwear! :)

  3. You're gorgeous and I too would be more afraid of a picture of my bedroom (and it's floordrobe of clothes) than my nudie pix :P

  4. Gorgeous! I love that you are confident and at ease in your body. I want to teach my daughter to feel that way, too.

  5. That's what it is all about, being real,and realizing that we all come in different shapes and sizes, but that's what makes us wonderful and special and beautiful!

    And I think waists are among a woman's best assets. A waist with some big hips right underneath ;)

  6. How magnificent is your hair!
    Great post, gorgeous girl!

  7. sing it sister :)
    you are great. what an amazingly good post.
    go go real women! x

  8. Your bed is made! You did tidy your room up for us ;)
    I love your smile, your waist is tiny & your hubby is wonderful for pointing that out to you.

  9. Beautiful <3 So lovely to see real women sharing their love of their bodies :)

  10. You are GORGEOUS!! Another inspiring person. (ps. your room looks fine from here).

  11. You have such a beautiful smile, so warm and happy, lovely! You are a gorgeous real woman, love it!

  12. Love this!
    It's a great dress :)

  13. Gorgeous! I love your dress :)



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