Saturday, July 30, 2011

The week in pictures

A week in pictures post...

Bought a lounge. It cost an insane amount of money but I am so, so happy about it. Our current lounge is a 15-year-old hand-me-down from C's parents. Ours new one is getting made in chocolate suede, they said it will be ready in a few weeks! Bought from Fantastic Furniture at Morayfield. Great customer service, and I feel virtuous knowing I have bought Australian Made.

I actually baked! Some say a packet mix doesn't count, I say if you mix something with something then put it in an oven, THAT'S BAKING!

Bought these lovely plastic bangles from a jumble sale at work for $2. I think they look like jade. Might give one to mum.

Symapthised with our local pizza place - do hope prices stop "going nuts" for them. They're charging $1 more on a family-sized pizza so I don't really mind the rise so much.

Went to Invitation House at The Emporium - got a few ideas for the wedding invites.

Of course C's favourite was the dearest thing in the shop...

Absolutely HAD to get photos of myself in this corner - it's outside the Alex Perry Apartments sales office in Ann Street. That's astroturf I'm standing on folks. What a cool little niche.

Some may remember a few weeks ago I bought two tubs of Peter's ice cream and got a 6-month mag subscription. Well, first issue arrived on Friday. Hurray for home magazines! I sat and read this one this afternoon while having a cuppa.


I played far too much Tiny Tower. This game is so addictive!


  1. Ooh, there's a new House & Garden on it's way to the newsagent? Goodie! I love house porn.

  2. Sorry about that apostrophe.


    oops. I feel so ashamed.

  3. All is forgiven Trish. Much as I abhor the unnecessary apostrophe, we are prone to doing it sometimes!



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