Monday, July 27, 2015

Zenning Out in the Japanese Gardens

A few Saturdays past on a trip to Toowoomba, we decided we wanted to do a photography walk. Foiled by lack of information about the street art I had heard abounds in the CBD and put off a walk up historic Russell St by the cold wind, we opted for the sheltered, calm and beautiful Japanese Gardens.

The gardens are a real city treasure and you can find them in the grounds I the Universiy of Southern Queensland. Just look for the big red gates!

A popular wedding venue, we found the gardens still well-attended on a cold Saturday afternoon. Plenty of people, including families, we walking about at a sedate pace, feeding the ducks and geese or just sitting quietly taking it the quiet beauty of it all. 

The main paths circumnavigate the lake but wandering of the beaten track soon take you into quiet woods or stands of bamboo. You'll discover a burbling brook or a gushing waterfall. Terribly photogenic red bridges abound. 

My favourite though is the Zen Garden. Beautifully raked lines of pebbles meander along a garden bed like a pale river. I wonder who keeps it so neat?

We even came across a group of cosplayers staging a photo shoot in the bamboo. What a wonderful public space!

If you're in Toowoomba, it is well worth the drive south of the city to see the gardens. Particularly of you're looking for a place to calm down after experiencing the unique displeasure of Toowoomba drivers! You can even leave a donation at the front gate for upkeep of the grounds. 

Have you ever been to a Japanese Garden? Do you find them as calming as I do?


  1. hubby and i were recentlly in toowoomba and really loved the murals and artworks scattered around the city. head to the art gallery and walk around there and you will find some. i love the lanes and the coffee shops, so like melbourne or even brisbane these days!

  2. I went to the Japanese Gardens last year in August with a long time friend who now lives in Toowoomba. Such a beautiful spot. Loved it. You might like to read my blog post. Some similar shots to yours.



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