Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sarbi the War Dog

Do you remember the story of Explosives Detection Dog Sarbi? In 2008 she was lost, presumed dead, during an action in Afghanistan. 

14 months later, an American noticed a dog following a citizen and tried some military commands. It was Sarbi! She has now been awarded the RSPCA Purple Cross for Bravery (the only other recipient is Simpson's donkey). 

On the weekend, we heard that Sarbi Park was going to be dedicated at Warner Lakes. A large part of the estate is made up of Defence Housing and a sculpture of Sarbi had been commissioned. 

We decided to go down and take a look. There were so many people! I think we were the only ones there without kids or a dog. Or both. 

Sarbi seemed pleased by her statue. She happily posed for pictures and got lots of pats. 

It was a really lovely morning. Great animal story for the local news too!

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