Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Opting out of Valentine's Day

My husband and I have never really "done" Valentine's Day. Not because we're not romantic, more because we don't think it's something to get excited about.

Basically, because we show and tell that we love each other every day, it seems a little ridiculous to make a special fuss about our relationship with flowers and/or chocolates on a certain day of the year. The idea is a nice one, but I think it's the commercial fuss and pressure that puts me off as well. 

When I was single, I was vehemently Anti-V-Day. I hated it. Because all it did was remind me very painfully for a seemingly interminable amount of time every year that I was alone. I found it horrific. I always secretly dreamed of a partner who would show up with a bunch of red roses though.

And guess what? My husband has never bought me flowers. Not once. Once his mum picked roses from her garden and told me they were from him. He is of the opinion flowers are for "when you've done something wrong". Nothing I can say will convince him otherwise!

But I get lots of other little gifts and gestures, so the flowers thing does not matter so much any more. 

Thus, Valentine's Day pretty much gets ignored in our house.

What do you think? Do you see it as a good excuse to do something nice with your partner? Or have them do something nice for you? Or do you hate it?


  1. We're exactly the same - completely ignore it - always have, always will...

  2. We do something, but are always telling and showing love for one another. Last year was the first year I've received roses. I loved them! He built me the site last year.

    This year we aren't really doing anything, I have first aid that day..

    1. Flowers are always a nice gesture, but something that the other person has clearly thought about and has bought/created especially for you is a more special gift I think :)

  3. Flowers are over-rated. I had a boyfriend who was a big flower-giver but a crappy boyfriend. We got in a fight once, and he said "but, I gave you flowers", and I said "yea, flowers die; they don't last; just like this relationship won't last." I was pretty proud of that line, as you can tell because I feel the need to share it here.

    1. I love it! You can't buy affection with flowers, guys. I personally prefer something that lasts, if you want to give me a gift! It shows you've actually thought about the other person!



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