Saturday, July 5, 2014


I started the weekend with a plan. I even had a list - I was going to Get Stuff Done. The kind of stuff you keep putting off or can't do during the week. 

Instead, I got coerced into helping with one of my hubby's car projects. In the end I didn't mind, because it's always good to be learning and doing new things. And he bought me Japanese for lunch!

Basically we spent a few hours cleaning and prepping car interior panels for paint. It was not hard work and I got to stand in the warm sun doing it, which was nice. I've been missing some Vitamin D lately!

It was interesting being in a workshop that specializes in custom interior fit-outs - you never really think about the work that goes into these things. Lots of making, measuring, spraying, gluing and fitting going on. The workshop is owned by our friend and I like going there because he usually blasts opera and classical music while they're working, though today was all dance - disappointed!

We got a few panels done then called it a day. I'm now relaxing with my feet up having a cuppa, congratulating myself on being such a good helper. 

How's your weekend going?

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