Friday, July 19, 2013

Holiday envy

[source: author's own photo]

So, everyone has gone to Fiji. Well, that’s what it feels like. My cousin is getting married there tomorrow and most of my rellies have jetted off to that little island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to attend. I had to take two lots of them to the airport this week.

We just couldn’t afford it. I’ve been trying to console myself by reminding my inner jealous child that I have already been to Fiji. But then I remember how disastrously that turned out (and I just realised I actually never blogged out it. I must have been too traumatised!*)

Seems like everyone is on holiday at present and I’m stuck at work arguing with misogynists about money. And YES I did just spend a week in sunny Townsville visiting the in-laws but it's just not the same as the tropical vacation I dream of – with white beaches, turquoise water and drinks with umbrellas in them.

Would you like some cheese with that whine, Sarah?

Some ideas to cheer myself up:

  • look at my photos from Fiji and get malicious glee from imagining a similar disaster befalling the wedding party
  • have a virtual holiday via Google street view. Barbados anyone?
  • have a “staycation”. Doing this properly would involve spending money though. So perhaps a “pauper’s staycation” with cheap boxed wine (faux cocktails), whatever beauty products I can scrounge from my bathroom drawers (pretend spa treatment) and a beach towel in the backyard (home sunbathing).

Things that will probably make it worse, and note to self: probably should avoid:

  • trawling travel websites and blogs, reading about fab places and discount offers
  • watching Cruise Ship Diaries
  • searching keyword ‘travel’ on Pinterest
  • looking at Facebook which will be full of rellies’ Fiji photos

Do you need a tropical break? How do you beat holiday envy?

*Long story short, it rained, there was major flooding and a national disaster was declared. Here's one of many pictures I took of the devastation.

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  1. Don't forget to send off for samples - they'll help your spa staycation!



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