Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Camera phone baby

My iphone crashed yesterday. Hard. Apps kept failing and then it had a total spack attack, trying to reboot itself and not quite being able to. It was like it was stuck in an infinite loop that only The Doctor could understand.

Anyhoo, tonight I'm backing up my photos (over 3000 of them now! WTF!), then the whole phone, then upgrading to the new iOS. Because that is a thing I should have done weeks ago.

While doing this, I noticed I take lots of photos of the same stuff. Like...

New buildings

Old buildings

 Stuff I see

 Stuff I wore
 The ground

 The ceiling

 What I ate

 What I drank 

What I baked

 And, of course, too many selfies,

What do you take photos of the most?


  1. I take a lot of selfies; pictures of my feet + the ground; the sky; and James.

    They are my main ones ;)

  2. I think the sky and what I ate are my two common ones. I can't get into selfies!



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