Saturday, October 13, 2012

Keep It Simple, Sarah

I feel like another rant about our overwhelming modern world. Last time it was about supermarkets, this time it's about beauty products.

This has been sparked by two things.

1) I went to Coles today. I had to buy things that you can't get in Aldi (curry powder and my favourite toothpaste). As usual, I spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom products aisle staring like a goon at body scrubs/moisturisers/milks/gels and wondering how in God's name people choose one. This always makes me cranky.

2) I have had a thought lately - seems to me as I'm 31, perhaps I need to be doing a bit more for my skin, specifically my face and eyes. I have begun to feel like I should perhaps be changing my current beauty ROUTINE and upping the ante to a REGIME. (This is, of course, my stupid ego crumbling before the relentless onslaught of woman-focused advertising and other media telling me that there is nothing worse than AGING.)

And then this happened - Aldi let me down. I turned to them for a face or eye cream that might save me from the horrors of getting older and the tyranny of choice! I thought "Hey, Aldi has one product for everything. No variety. No decisions. This will be easy."


Aldi has a beauty range called Lacura. I've been using their facial cleanser and hand cream for a few weeks now with success. I'm happy with them. But a simple thing like moisturiser? There's more than one option.

They've got:

  • "Multi Intensive Serum" (in two varieties)
  • "Intensive Serum"
  • "Rejuvinating Night Cream"
  • "Protective Day Cream"
  • "Cream for Mature Skin "
  • "Night Cream for Mature Skin"
  • "Face Cream"
  • "Q10 Day Cream"
  • "Q10 Day Cream"
  • "Q10 SPF15 Anti Wrinkle Face Cream"
  • AND
  • "Anti Aging Face Cream SPF 15" (in two varieties)

What the hell, Aldi?

At least there is only one eye product, and it is helpfully called "Eye Cream" - although there is three varieties of this stuff as well.

I don't know about you folk, but I DO NOT WANT to spend 15 minutes of my life reading the fine print on each of these packages trying to figure out which one would be best on my skin.

I KNOW that I am not the only one that feels lost about these things. I've probably mentioned before how I feel like a complete idiot about all things beauty, hair and makeup but I also resent the fact that sometimes I feel that knowing these things is actually important. BECAUSE IT'S NOT. And I hate that magazines, tv and the even my beloved internet make me think this way.

The world will not end if I use the wrong type of hair gel/spray/wax/fudge/mousse. Planes will not fall from the sky because I do not know how to apply eyeshadow. Cities will not crumble because I fail to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night.

However, I do acknowledge that looking good is very good for one's personal morale and gives a good self-esteem boost. How to find a balance?

At the end of the day, I hate beauty products but know I need some of them. I definitely need moisturiser with sunscreen to protect my fair skin from the harsh Queensland sun. I definitely need some kind of shit for my hair because the frizziness is driving me insane. And I definitely do not want to end up looking like a dried up piece of leather when I'm 60 because I didn't care for my skin.

Oh, and I'm going to design a product range that has one or two words on the front label, and all the fine print on the back. There will be MOISTURISER, HAND LOTION, BODY WASH, EYE CREAM and LIP BALM. None of this rubbish where I have to read seven lines of text before discovering what the product I've picked up actually is.

And the bestest idea of all - shampoo and conditioner that say nothing but SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER on them. In huge letters. Because I can never tell which one is which without my glasses on in the shower.

Do you use a day/night cream/serum/intensive repair treatment? How in the heck did you end up choosing from the massive variety out there?


  1. I know, how daunting is it to be looking for a make up item these days. I just use Sorbelene, the Dermatologist recommended it, it works for me.

  2. I know. It's taken me years to figure this out.

    Two words. BB cream. It's a foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen all in one. Try the garnier brand. I use it every morning. I've also got a cleanser that I keep in the shower, but I can't normally be assed doing the whole 'cleanse, tone, moisturize' thing every day.

  3. Yes! I agreed with you on so many of these points (except Aldi, I don't really get it! Haha).

    I have been using facial scrub (the rough apricot kind) for almost 20 years now. I know it says not to use it everyday, but I feel like I have too much rough skin if I don't (guess my skin isn't that sensitive). I can't live without it. A few days with none and I panic! Haha.

    I need to moisturise immediately after though or feels like my skin is shrinking and the only moisturisers I like are 1) L'Oreal triple active day cream (it was $3 once at Priceline so I bought it and it's awesome!), 2) the red Aldi Lacura serum one (I don't know the name, my mum bought it for me, it's in a pump frosty bottle, maybe $10?) and 3) a Natio SPF 15 Moisturiser I got as a gift. It's nice too.

    I got sucked in by what some bloggers said about the Loreal Revitalift and got it when it was on sale once but it's shit! It's really shit.

    So, all I use is facial scrub and moisturiser - feel a bit hopeless sometimes, but I'm not really willing to trial expensive stuff in case it's crap!

    Oh, and I recommend this one too:
    I don't usually like body cremes like that, but this smells amazing and it's under $5!

    I totally had a massive rant, didn't it? :)
    If you find any good products, let me know!



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