Sunday, September 30, 2012

City of Blinding Lights

This year's Brisbane Festival ended with a bang last night with Riverfire. It's an annual fireworks spectacular coupled with an aerial display that Brisbanites love.

I didn't go - I never have, as battling a crowd of 500,000 is not my idea of a good Saturday night, nor fighting people for a good viewing spot on Kangaroo Point. However, this year I did have a hankering to see the City of Lights laser display.

A few days of nagging later, husband agreed to take me. Conveniently, it was on every night of the Festival and completely and utterly free.

Arriving at Southbank, we were greeted with the dreamy sight of hundreds of strung lanterns lining the boulevard.

We then wandered over to the riverbank to wait for the laser show. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't white lounges set up for seating! These all being occupied, C and I set ourselves up on the grass. I had brought mum's lovely good camera along and I must say, it performed very well considering it was at night, taking photos of lasers projected against water and smoke, and also on AUTO. 

I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a couple of shots of the Wheel of Brisbane lit up in the darkness. How glorious! I can't imagine riding it at night though. I found daytime terrifying enough!

It was a fun, if short, evening. I never go south of the river any more, so this was a special treat. We even got ice cream on the way home.

And just because, here is the song this post is named after. When it plays in The Devel Wears Prada, just as the heroine arrives in Paris... sigh. My heart beats faster. I have seen it live too. Amazing.

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