Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sickly Lurgy

I have The Lurgy. That's what my Scottish friend Annie always used to call it. That winter sickness of varying symptoms, that makes you look like a bad, older, more crumpled version of your usual self. The stuffed sinuses, the runny nose, the fever, the coughing...

My own personal symptoms so far are a sore throat. That's it. I'm beginning to think I was a little over-zealous going to the doctor this morning. But I just KNOW it's going to develop into full-blown tonsillitis over the next few days - it always does! I think the doctor was laughing at me quietly. He took my ear temperature, said it was normal. Looked in my throat, announced there was no pus, no swelling. He told me kindly to gargle some paracetamol (a remedy heretofore I had never heard of! good one doc!) and to come back if it got worse.

So I went and bought a few more little sickness-fighting remedies of my own. Lemons, orange juice (pure! pulp and all!), Strepsils, Vapo-drops and Lucozade. My dear fiancee put me onto the healing benefits of Lucozade. I'm fairly sure they are mostly psycological, but hey, always makes me feel better!

Wish me luck in fighting this infection folks.

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